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  We specialise in data driven sites using primarily web based technologies with a low cost base.

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Good afternoon!

It's Friday, 30th September 2016.
 On this day ... 78 years ago.

Peace for our time speech.

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returns to Heston Aerodrome from a trip to Munich, having signed the Munich Agreement. Waving the resolution paper to crowds, the deal signed by both Hitler and himself, allowed Nazi Germany's annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia along the country's borders mainly inhabited by German speakers. Later that Chamberlain stood outside Number 10 Downing Street and declared the agreement brought peace for our time. Today, the Munich Agreement is widely regarded as a failed act of appeasement toward Germany .

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 Discover the beauty of Iceland.

 Icelandic Discovery - our latest website, designed for the touch screen generation, is now online.
 Quote of the day ....

Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919).
26th President of the United States.

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